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Excellence in Community Association Management!

Community & Association Management

Since 1990, we at Henderson Association Management have been offering a wide range of services for community associations. Whether you live in a single-family home, condominium, or townhome, we’re ready to lend a hand.

Learn about all the ways we work together with your Board of Directors and community members, and how we are committed to excellence in everything we do. With offices located in Charlotte, Davidson, Indian Trail, Boone, and Rock Hill, we’re just around the corner to serve your needs and provide the expertise you’re looking for.

How We Help

Managing a homeowner’s association can be a complex, tedious task. However, there are many crucial details to oversee to keep the community running smoothly and bring worth and value to its residents. That’s where our community and association management services can help.

Henderson Association Management has you covered by whether your association needs help with the accounting or requires full-service community management services. Our proven processes and innovative technology can help your HOA effectively manage your community.

Our experienced Community Association Managers work directly with your Board of Directors to provide the information they need when they need it so they can effectively respond to residents’ issues and queries. Our trained customer support staff handle general homeowner requests, while the management team and support staff take care of the day-to-day operations.

These services allow your Board to focus on other actions necessary to keep the community thriving.

Why Association Management Matters

Who benefits from hiring Henderson Association Management?

Essentially, everyone is involved in the community, from homeowners to board members. Anyone involved in making decisions for a community can benefit from working with a qualified HOA management firm.

Henderson Association Management does not replace the Board when it comes to making decisions. Instead, the Board delegates specific tasks to us as we work with them to make the organization and community as successful as possible. HOA boards can save a substantial amount of time and money by hiring a knowledgeable management firm that understands the HOA laws for their state and can apply those rules and regulations to the community.

Among the array of services that Henderson Association Management can provide:

  • Enforcing covenants for homeowners and other residents
  • Handle property insurance issues
  • Collect homeowner assessments
  • Oversee board-approved maintenance and renovations
  • Coordinate with contractors and trade professionals
  • Provide detailed monthly accounting statements for the Board
  • Handle all other residential or emergency matters
  • Prepare board meeting information
  • Develop annual budgets

Henderson Association Management Is Here To Serve

Managing a homeowner’s association involves many tedious tasks and important considerations. In addition to keeping the community attractive and functional, the HOA’s Board must take questions from residents, enforce rules of the community, collect HOA assessments, and work with outside vendors for maintenance and audits.

So your Board can keep its focus on serving the community at large, let the team at Henderson Association Management handle the day-to-day details.

It's All In The Details

There’s a lot that goes into managing an HOA. Aside from overseeing general maintenance, upkeep, addressing residents’ issues, and enforcing HOA rules and regulations, there is also the matter of keeping good books.

Henderson Association Management is here to help.

We can handle everyday tasks such as managing payments, deposits, vendors, contractors, and other outside services. Our automated, online accounts payable service allows Board Members to view paid invoices anytime and permits managers to approve them right away. This approach means board members can direct their attention to more essential aspects of running the community.

When managing maintenance and upkeep of the community’s general areas, or planning renovations and improvements, it’s important to keep track of finances. We offer monthly financial reports so you can compare one month’s finances to another and plan accordingly. We can even arrange an annual audit completed by an independent auditor for the Board’s review and evaluation.

Association Renovation & Maintenance Services

As a leading residential property management firm, Henderson Association Management offers complete and cost-effective maintenance and renovation services to the community and individual residents.

Our full-time maintenance division includes technicians, specialists, and project managers who work with an established quality contractor network to ensure our clients receive the best service possible at a reasonable price.

Our maintenance team can take on all types of maintenance and repair requests, collect bids for major repair and maintenance, conduct follow-ups and inspections, schedule warranty work, and perform property inspections. Services include landscaping, snow removal, road maintenance, painting, cleaning, and all manner of repairs for both homeowners and common areas. If a homeowner is looking to undertake a significant renovation, we can help with that while ensuring that all projects fall within community guidelines and regulations.

When it comes to community projects, Henderson Association Management will coordinate with the Board and Community Manager to review the requirements for and execute capital expenditure projects and repairs, leaving the Board free to handle other priorities.

Best of all, our maintenance team can be reached at any hour on any day. So whether the issue is for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, appliances, or any other maintenance need, Henderson Association Management provides you with peace of mind knowing your community is properly maintained.

To keep your community well maintained, we schedule inspections of common areas, see to their maintenance and repair, handle contractor bids for services, assess preventative maintenance measures, and supervise capital reserve projects.

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