Accounting Services

Managing an HOA can be stressful enough without having to worry about the financial aspects of this job. That’s why Henderson Association Management is here to help. Just one of our specialties is assistance with accounting. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your accounting responsibilities, here’s how we can help.

We can take care of the everyday tasks that include accepting payments from homeowners. Whether you bill monthly, quarterly, or in any other way, we can receive and deposit payments for your HOA. In fact, we can completely manage accounts payable, taking this task off your shoulders so you can focus your attention elsewhere. Our automated, online accounts payable service allows Board Members to view paid invoices anytime, and Managers to approve them right away.

Part of managing the finances for your HOA includes collecting past due payments. Every HOA has to deal with this problem, and few people want to do this tough job. For this reason, you should leave it to our capable team. We can send out demand letters, add late fees and work out payment arrangements with homeowners who are past due on their fees. When legal proceedings are necessary, we can get them started. We know the most effective methods of collecting late payments and legal fees, so our accounting services can be truly helpful for your HOA.

accounting services for hoa

We can also keep organized records so you can plan accordingly. We offer monthly financial reports, allowing you to compare one month’s finances to another. In addition, we can arrange an annual audit completed by an independent auditor. This is important when you want to keep careful track of your finances, which is necessary as you plan for common area maintenance and upcoming projects for the neighborhood.

Since 1990, we at Henderson Association Management have been managing various aspects of homeowners’ associations. Whether your HOA is associated with condominiums, townhomes or an entire neighborhood of single-family houses, we are confident that our services can help. We strive to make your role on the Board easier, and performing the accounting services distributes much of the burden to our team. Contact us today to fulfill your association’s accounting needs.