Community Management Services

If you have a self-managed community, you may find that you face specific risks and challenges that are common among communities like yours. Whether you are self-managed out of necessity or you chose this as a way to maintain better control over your company’s needs and finances, you are going to need to mitigate these risks. Henderson Association Management can help you do so.

Common Risks from Self-Managed Communities

Even though their reasons for operating as a self-managed community vary from one community to the next, the challenges they face are often similar. You may notice that you struggle with tasks like:

  • Choosing vendors to service your community
  • Keeping the Board members aware of the regulations of the community
  • Finding people knowledgeable enough to guide Board members through the community’s documents
  • Finding volunteers to serve on the Board who understand the financial side of property management
  • Keeping your financial records well

hoa community management

As you consider these challenges, remember that Board Members are volunteers. They may not have the knowledge needed to tackle these tasks. Therefore, you may need some outside help to get these critical tasks done.

How Henderson Association Management Helps

Henderson Association Management offers personalized HOA management services. Your community can continue operating as a self-managed community, but you can pull in our experienced professionals for those tasks you find challenging. This may include:

  • Vendor recommendations
  • Budget development
  • Professional industry guidance
  • Financial management
  • Records storage

We create a custom list of services for your Board, so you can ensure everything is running as it should. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your community. We look forward to hearing from you!