Community and Association Management Solutions

There are many important tasks and considerations involved in managing a homeowner’s association or condominium association. Besides maintaining a functional and attractive community, the Board of Directors of the Association needs to enforce community rules, gather HOA assessments, manage external vendors for auditing, handle maintenance schedules, and more.

When the tasks that come with the Association’s Board of Directors become too overwhelming, then perhaps it’s time to bring in professional help.

At Henderson Association Management, we can provide you with the homeowners association (HOA) management services that you need. We have been helping countless homeowners associations since 1990, whether it comes to townhomes, condominiums, or entire neighborhoods of single-family houses.

The goal of our team is to make sure that your job as a board member is manageable. We are confident that the services we provide can help fulfill your association’s requirements.

Whether you need your accounting done or require full-service community management, we have community association managers to assist you.

homeowners association management services


How Can HOA Management Help?

Our HOA management solutions are designed to take away many of the tedious responsibilities of board members. You can think of us as back-office support for your community.

With our team, you can delegate most of the administrative tasks that weigh down your board members. This allows your group to have more free time to focus on accomplishing other more vital tasks.

Here are the tasks that you can expect from our HOA management team:

  • Enforcing of association rules to the homeowners
  • Ensuring HOA or COA regulations are followed
  • Arranging property insurance
  • Obtaining homeowner assessments
  • Supervising board-approved renovations and upgrades
  • Handling emergency issues
  • Coordinating with trade professionals and contractors
  • Creating detailed monthly accounting statements
  • Providing reports for necessary repairs
  • Conducting follow-ups and inspections
  • Scheduling and processing warranty work
  • Maintaining common areas

Professional Community Managers at Your Service

At Henderson Association Management, our team is prepared to meet the needs of your community. Whether you need management, accounting, or maintenance services, we have managers who can help ease your burden.

Our customer support teams will ensure that all homeowner requests are handled while our management group takes care of day-to-day management tasks.

We offer condominium and HOA management services to associations within the greater Charlotte and western North Carolina areas.

To find out how we can assist your community, contact us today for a free consultation!