Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions Violations

One of the benefits of having a homeowner’s association is the guidelines the HOA provides to protect the property value of your home. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are part of that, ensuring that every home in the property is well kept and in line with the covenant requirements. When one homeowner chooses not to follow these rules, it can draw down the entire community and hurt your property value, and that is why your Board of Directors will work to ensure all homes and property owners stay compliant with your community’s CC&Rs.

If you receive a violation reminder, don’t worry. You are not in trouble. The violation notice is simply a reminder of your responsibilities for your home’s upkeep. Yet receiving a violation reminder can feel intimidating. This information will help you understand your CC&Rs and your responsibilities toward your community.

What is the Purpose of the CC&Rs?

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions are essential documents in the overall governance of an HOA. These documents outline the expectations for both the Board of Directors and each property owner within the HOA. By purchasing a home in a community governed by an HOA, you must sign the CC&Rs and agree to follow the guidelines.

When you purchased a home in a community with these types of restrictions, you agreed to abide by them. This contract helps preserve your property value and the property value of the other homes in the community. However, if you fail to meet those expectations, the Board of Directors has a fiduciary duty to keep you accountable. Henderson Association Management assists your Board with fulfilling this duty and issuing violations and citations.

These guidelines help the community stay beautiful and its property owners to stay comfortable. It addresses things like unnecessary noise, pools, fences, landscaping, and more. These rules help the community’s members enjoy high property values and a high level of comfort and safety while living in the neighborhood.

Reading your CC&Rs is an important part of being a responsible homeowner in your community. If you understand the requirements for your home and your care of your property, you can avoid receiving violations and, potentially, fines. Therefore, we recommend reviewing this document on occasion to ensure you remain compliant.

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What Are Some Common Violation Issues?

Henderson Association Management has seen several different violations issues in the communities we help manage. Some of the common reasons a homeowner will receive a citation include:

  • Yard maintenance and landscaping issues
  • Improper storage of trash cans
  • Street parking violations
  • Recreation and commercial vehicle storage
  • Exterior maintenance problems
  • Outdoor play equipment, like basketball goals, trampolines, and playgrounds
  • Exterior home modifications
  • Installation of swimming pools
  • Storage sheds
  • Problems with pets

What To Do If You Receive a Violation Notice?

If you receive a violation notice, take a moment to evaluate it. The notice allows you to correct your violation. So take the time to do that, and all will be well.

If you choose not to correct the violation, then you can receive a fine for that violation. Your CC&Rs document will outline how much time can pass between the initial violation notice and the fine. If you feel the violation is unwarranted, reach out to your Board or Community Manager to discuss the details. Communication is key.

Remember, your Board’s goal is to keep the community clean and in good repair. They are not out to fine you, but to ensure your home complies with the rules and regulations in our CC&Rs. If you take the time to correct the problem, you will not have to face further actions.

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How We Help

Henderson Association Management is here to help your Board with every aspect of their job. One of the ways we can help with CC&Rs and violations is with routine community inspections. If your Board wishes, we can inspect the community routinely to ensure homes and their owners are complying with the terms of the CC&Rs document. We can also help the Board review the CC&Rs to ensure it is meeting the needs of the current homeowners well.

No one likes to receive a violation notice, but remember that these rules and regulations are for your protection. When every member of your community complies with the CC&Rs, your community stays attractive, and your property values remain high. Henderson Association Management partners with your Board of Directors to ensure that happens, so you can be confident that your home and your community will stay attractive and valuable.